Learn Powerful E-commerce Strategies
That You Too Can Adopt

NBC, Disney, Comcast, and even Apple have now joined in the race for supremacy in the streaming wars.
But who will win and what can other industries learn from their approach to subscription-based pricing?

Binge read now and learn from business and pricing experts as they break down the current landscape of streaming platforms and extract lessons that other industries can learn from their pricing strategies.

Episode 01

A Peak Behind the Screens:
The Story of Streaming

  • The early history of streaming
  • How streaming changed everything
  • The emergence of Netflix and other disruptors

Episode 02

Lights, Camera, Action:
Let the Streaming Wars Commence

  • A breakdown of the current landscape and strategies used today
  • How these giants stabilize subscriptions with other streams of revenue

Episode 03

Beyond Subscriptions:
Adding Value to the Model

  • The three main types of subscription pricing
  • E-commerce
  • How to get and keep customers interested

Episode 04

What Can We Learn
from Streaming Platforms?

  • How you can compete on price
  • Examples of subscription-based pricing in e-commerce
  • How to move to subscription-based pricing today

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